Halal Restaurants in Medan You Should Visit

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The reason why halal restaurants in medan becomes such an important this is the fact that not all the tourists coming to the city are capable of consuming non-halal dishes. However, as you read through each and every bit of information you can find regarding the city, it should be easy to say that Medan is Muslim travelers-friendly. This is due to the city is inhabited by Muslims, with Islam as the largest religion around. So, what is the big deal then? It should mean that you do not even need to be bothered with researching halal restaurants if this is the case.

What makes halal restaurants in medan north Sumatra something of great importance is the fact that Medan itself is composed of a lot of different ethnic groups and belief systems. Ever since its early days, Medan had always been known to be a place where people from different countries converged to conduct trading. These people would then settle down within the area that today is known as Medan and with them they brought their own cuisine influences. In a way, Medan was and still is a cultural melting pot. The assimilation of different cuisine influences makes way for the inclusion of religious background. As a result, those hailing from largely non-Muslim countries would also assert their own influences and dishes of non-halal nature are today equally as prevalent as their halal counterpart.

This is why you need to conduct a proper research about halal restaurants in medan holiday lest you risk yourself getting into problems. It would not be that big of a problem if you happen to stumble upon non-halal establishments. Just excuse yourself out and get out. But with enough researches and plenty of information, you should be able to avoid inconvenient experience like that in the first place. To help with your research, here are some of the best halal establishments to give a shot at.

  1. RM SinarPagi

This restaurant is famous for its nasisoto and the business itself started operating all the way back to 1962. Soto is essentially a version of soup that makes use of a couple of more spices to add layers into the dish. Served with steamed white rice, the dish can be enjoyed along with its content that consists of anything according to your preference: chicken shreds, meat, or beef entrails.

  1. KedeBubur Medan

Bubur Medan is typical Medan porridge that can be found pretty much anywhere in the city. But this one has been in operation since 1949. That fact alone should be enough to indicate just how delectable its menu is.

  1. RujakKolam

Rujak is a salad-like fruit snack commonly found in the area of Southeast Asia. The widely accepted way of preparing the dish is by combining elements such as palm sugar, chili pepper, and ground peanuts. But with RujakKolam (“kolam” means pool, referring to the stall’s location which is near a pool), there is another element not commonly found in rujak anywhere else: pisangbatu. Pisangbatu is a type of banana that goes by Musa balbisiana as its scientific name. The banana is ground along with other ingredients, save for the fruits, which are typically chopped or shredded.