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Differences between Personal injury law, Family law, and Real estate law

Conflicts have been on the rise for a very long time emanating from the some of the important things in life regarding us human beings. These numerous numbers of conflicts have resulted governments, through constitutions to instigate laws that control and solve the disputes arising between individuals with conflicting interests. A number of these disputes arise from individuals who have conflicting interests on matters that the society holds in high esteem. Some of these factors include personal health, land and property ownership and family. That is why there are different types of laws set to handle these three specific aspects, i.e., family law, personal injury law and real estate law. The following is a comprehensive explanation of the difference between the three laws that regard very fundamental aspects of the basic human life.

Personal injury law is initiated by the government and involves legal payments or compensations for persons who have been injured or in an accident due to the negligence of another. This laws are set to action when a plaintiff submits an official and legal complaint against another individual, company, institution or organization, or even a business entity stating that the accused acted irresponsibly causing the injuries sustained or accident involved. In this case the plaintiff is looking to be compensated for the damages and injuries caused by proving that the accused had fault by proving credible evidence to rule them guilty of the accusations. Payments and compensations can be done without involving the court whereby the two conflicting parties come together and negotiate privately on the compensation and come up with a written agreement of final agreement made and they both sign.

Family law is instituted to handle conflicts where by family matters and domestic relations are involved. Aspects that are looked into by family law include marriage, adoption, divorce, surrogacy, paternity, child protection, child custody and juvenile law. All these aspects are great causes of conflict between parties where interests do not match and have to be handled under the family law. For juvenile law, this handle legal cases against all those who are below the legal age set out by the government as they cannot be regarded as adults and tried at a civil court of law.

Thirdly there is the real estate law that is set out to govern who own a specific piece of land and the property on it and who uses what that is on the land and the land itself. Land and property disputes have been one of the many causes of disputes between people in the society. Real estate law helps in averting conflicts or resolving them especially in cases where there is a will.

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